Network Deployment & Maintenance

We implement your network infrastructure and insure its complete maintenance keeping the highest standards for safety, performance and quality.
Antenna Supports & Civil Works
Including steel towers, tower foundations, rooftop masts, civil works trenching, cable pathways, fencing and site access roads.
Cabling & Antennas Systems
Cable running, termination and testing of optical fiber and copper cables, antennas and feeders.
Telecom Equipment Hosting
Deployment of data centers, shelters or outdoor cabinets including air conditioning, access control devices, fire alarm and suppression systems.
Power & Lightning protection
Installation, testing and certification of power systems on grid or off grid installations, AC and DC generators, hybrid renewable power systems. Lighting protection systems and surge protection solutions.
Telecom Equipment Deployment
Deployment of vendors’ equipment including Switches, Radio Access Network equipment and Transmission Links.
About us
SOMETEL is an international telecommunication company specialized in the deployment and the maintenance of fixed and wireless networks. Our head office is based in Lebanon.
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